Cultural Programmes

Using a praxis of cultural programming underpinned by a performative approach, I develop artistic eco-social engagements with communities by deploying their own embodied, practical knowledges. Eco-mindfulness projects co-create sustainable, meaningful futures that convey mutuality, like-mindedness and kinship to reconnect the environment and humans in a social context that transforms the public's perception of ecology.

Tha mi a bruadair | I am dreaming 2014

Tha mi a bruadair | I am dreaming was devised in response to Shweta Bhattad’s ‘I Have a Dream’ Global Art, Farming and Peace Project, for Vancouver Biennale 2014-16. It was also shown as part of Raising Farmers’ Voices in Paris at ‘Faith in Paris’ ArtCOP21.

The video captures the activities of valuable intergenerational teaching being carried out at Sgoil Lionacleit (High School), Isle of Benbecula, by local crofters who deliver a Crofting Course as part of the school's Curriculum for Excellence . The specific strains of arable crops grown on these islands are unique, short-stalked and weather-resistant, and each harvest ensures the possibility of next year’s crop. This sort of activity is under-recognised by those outside of the crofting world, yet it has vital messages to impart to young people and society relating to food security and sustainable agricultural practices.

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