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'Taraiti SOS' Pop-Up Exhibition on the impacts of Sand Mining at Pakiri Beach Mon 31Oct from10am

Blue Radius Events will be opening a Pop-Up exhibition entitled 'Taraiti SOS' as part of 'Journey of Sand from Seabed to City' Schools Art Project. It will be held at the Memorial Hall, Pakiri on Monday 31 Oct. from 10.00 until 16.00.

'Taraiti SOS' is an account of the plight of Fairy Terns at Pakiri in the face of on-going sand extraction. It is the concept of artist/activist Sharley Haddon who has created an illustrated text about the impact of sand mining on these iconic marine species found at Pakiri. Her work will be displayed in the hall as a series of large scale posters that tells the story of 'Tara and Iti' who live on the beach and witness the impacts that sand mining is having on their lives.

This exhibition will form part of the 'Journey of Sand from Seabed to City' project, which is the creative concept of Alanah Knibb and Julia West that brings young people from the city together with members of the Pakiri community to creatively inform, explore, and discuss the extraction of sand from the seabed, its journey to the city, and how sand is used for construction.

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