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Published Papers

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

So pleased to announce that two papers I submitted for publication in 2021 have now been published.

Revitalising embodied community knowledges as leverage for climate change engagement has just been realeased in Climatic Change volume 171, Article number: 2 (2022) and is Open Access so available to download at this link

Revitalising embodied community knowledges as leverage for climate change engagement talks about the need to motivate communities to respond to climate breakdown and ecological collapse and proposes that cultivating communities of practice (Wenger) around low carbon citizenship can help generate discrete engagement strategies that rouse public attention towards changing attitudes and behaviours. To be effective, these engagements need to be relatable, values-oriented, and framed towards the priorities, knowledges, capacities, and lived experiences of communities. Such an approach is explored in the case study, Grow Your Own Community, that sought to engage marginalised communities with decarbonisation activities through the strategic repositioning of their embodied community knowledges (ECK). These communities of practice helped to motivate and mobilise local participation by integrating carbon literacy with the situated, practical capacities that already lay within the community. Key findings reveal that revitalising a community’s existing body of knowledge to engage people with climate change knowledge creates the conditions for generating community-led mitigative action.

Download PDF • 1.87MB

(Re)connecting community to the Awataha Stream is a paper I co-wrote with Charmaine Bailie. This paper presents an approach to making the environmental crisis more tangible and accessible by presenting a new perspective for knowing the world that could lead us to develop more sustainable lifestyles and end support for ecology-damaging behaviours. To resolve the environmental damage and reconnect our cultural bonds to nature, this paper proposes that we seek guidance from Indigenous peoples who have followed nature’s laws for generations and know how to work collaboratively to balance human needs with the wider networks of ecological actors/participants/relations.

Download PDF • 1.48MB

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