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Lantern-making and Sea-level Rise Procession at Devonporton Sat 17th Sep 1-6pm

If you’re looking for something to do today Saturday 17 September, Depot Artspace’s current exhibition curator Laura Donkers is hosting a public art workshop at the Devonport Community House from 1-6pm, followed by a light sculpture walk along Devonport beach.

Working with local lantern making legend and master carver, Natanahira Te Pona, participants will learn how to create Blue lanterns, as part of the Sea Level Rise Procession that will take place along Devonport beach in the evening.

All are welcome to this event. If you have made Matariki Lanterns with Natanahira Te Pona before, please bring them along and you can re-cover them in blue tissue paper. Refreshments will be served from 5:30, before the walk.

After the workshop participants will walk with their lanterns and create a blue light sculpture along Devonport beach at sunset.

You can also pop in to Depot Artspace if you’ve not yet seen the exhibition Blue Radius which uses art and science to explore climate change induced sea level rise

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