Meeting Ground

Meeting Ground records and communicates the embodied knowledge of an island community undertaking mitigating climate change actions through developing local food-growing hubs. Activation is achieved through a myriad of deeds and interconnections instituted by each micro-community. The visual presentation of Meeting Ground affords a way for the participants to see themselves and the lived performative acts they have instigated, as essential and transformative.

Meeting Ground, 2019  (HDV; 16:15) presents the culmination of the resourceful actions of six separate micro-communities who took up the opportunity to create localised food-growing hubs in the Outer Hebrides, as part of a carbon emissions mitigation strategy. To avoid an interpretative stance and present raw authenticity instead, the video's aesthetic captures spontaneous action rather than staging it in any way. It is important not to misread this video as an artwork in and of itself but as part of a whole transferable language that communicates the complexities of experience intrinsic to each micro-community.

This approach to visual communication captures how each group presented their own liberated agency in terms of taking action together, in charge of their own legacy, and in the context of their own territories: that is, within their identity, community, dominion, control, land, knowledge, activity, and experience. Thereby presenting mutuality, like-mindedness, and kinship as vital components of the social context, opening up ways of addressing the contemporary ecological crisis in a manner that can be understood as reciprocally beneficial.

 © 2020 by Laura Donkers

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