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Wall Paper Plant

DRAWinternational in Caylus, Midi-Pyrenees, France (2015) - a medieval village, built into and out of the hillside and suffused with the vitality of the rich natural environment. I found the unfamiliarity of the environment overwhelming and needed to find a new way to explore this place. I began by using the drawing technique of frottage.

I lay the thin paper onto the surface and make a mark. A mark that reveals something of the surface texture through a rubbing action. The apparitions that manifest are due to the paper's fragile limitations, the substances in the drawing medium, the kinds of surfaces, and the artist's desire to generate dialogue between maker, materials and matter in the journey of creative exploration.

“…It’s not about solving paradoxes or synthesizing different points of view from the outside … but rather about the intra-implication of putting            “oneself”, one’s ideas, one’s dreams, all the different ways of touching, and being in touch, and sensing the differences and entanglements from  within.”[1]

[1] Klein, A. (2012). Mousse 34 - Karen Barad Intra-Actions. Mousse Magazine (Milan) Interview

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