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Land Radius

From the perspective of the hunter's gaze via a Bushnell Trail Camera, Land Radius was an eco mindfullness project  presenting sixty days of ecological activity on a small piece of common land on the Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides.

This salt marsh, over the course of two months, is transformed by a variety of subtle and extraordinary colonies, such as the amassed pink flowers of Armeria Maritima (Sea Pinks), the lurking red deer, moths, herons, otters and gulls, and the water surge, as the tide overwhelms the land at the moon rise. The activity is captured by a surveillance camera placed within the landscape: a replacement human sentinel. The video Land Radius (2014), was presented in a Single Channel Projection via 9 separate Blu Ray discs of 1 hr duration, 1 screened per day in an exhibition Cooper Gallery, Dundee (2014).

It was accompanied by a sound work of recorded human stories: from the naturalist's role to the wisdom of the crofter, seafarer and scientist, expressing frustration at the unchecked increase in deer numbers and protected status for marauding geese, and 'land-raiding' chronicles recalling the crofters fight for land and space to grow their own families.These testimonies are transcribed and recorded in a book. Land Radius Fugue (2014)  available as a printed book or download PDF here

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