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Metamorphic, 2023

Pastel on Okawara paper, plywood cradle, 97 x 140cm

'Metamorphic' presents the 'frottage' drawing proces resulting from an intimate exchange between the maker, materials and surface, which occurred through a combination of blue pastel shades drawn onto Japanese Okawara paper onto a Lewisian gneiss outcrop in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Gneiss is a crystalline, metamorphic rock formed by immense heat and pressure deep within the Earth’s crust. Lewisian gneiss is 3.0 - 1.7 billion years old and is found in thrust faults formed during tectonic events that produced Scotland's mountains. The mark making was created through gentle stroking actions onto the sensitive cream paper to reveal the diverse surface tensions displayed in these ancient, weathered rocks. The chosen colour palate creates a visual link to its oceanic location, and I develop my engagement with this cold, harsh environment through my sustained, uncomfortable experience of executing the work. These facets combine to illustrate the cycle of intimate encounter between maker, materials and surface, thereby completing the transformative process.


work in progress

(images by Sian Donkers)

drawing-location-Scolpaig, Outer Hebrides_lowres.jpg
finished-drawing-Scolpaig, Outer Hebrides_lowres.jpg
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