Cultural Programmes

Using a praxis of cultural programming underpinned by a performative approach, I develop creative eco-social engagements with communities by working with their embodied, practical knowledges. Eco-mindfulness, mutuality and kinship are developed through collaborative community and schools' projects that reconnect citizens with the environment via the social context to transform public perception of ecology and sustainability.

EcoArt 2020

EcoArt 2020 was a co-created project with ecological artist Laura Donkers + Kaipātiki Project  + Auckland Print Studio at Eskdale Reserve, on the North Shore of Auckland. It explored eco-mindfulness through art using the frottage drawing process (rubbings) and stone lithography as stimuli to develop ecological literacy. This approach to public engagement, aimed to expand creative and ecological awareness through a tactile exploration of native trees, and through reconnection exercises with Dr. G. Baron. This project was awarded funding through the Creative Communities Scheme (grants programme administered by Auckland Council on behalf of Creative New Zealand).

DAY 1 - Ecological Mindfulness at Eskdale Reserve with Kaipātiki guide, Neil Henderson, and artist, Laura Donkers


DAY 2 - Lithography printing at Auckland Print Studios with John Pusateri - transfer of drawings onto stone


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