ecological art

Connecting people with ecology through art to captivate and inform towards more creative and sustainable ways to live. I make environmental works on paper, video, sound and sculpture [click image to see more]


wild garden

the wild is the garden - can we comprehend the importance of all life to the continuation of our own?

treework aotearoa

frottage works present intra-actions with important native trees found throughout Aotearoa New Zealand



a fusion of experiences and relationships within a water management system

dress in doorway.jpg

you are not outside

a dress is drawn from the landscape and provokes engagement with the materiality of the natural environment 


wall paper plant

generating dialogue between maker, materials and matter

Land Radius-sculpture site_North Uist

land radius

sixty days of ecological activity on a small piece of common land on the Isle of North Uist, Outer Hebrides

stuff of research presentation.png

monument game

exploring a multidimensional depiction of place through a card game 

compost bag_2014_portrait.JPG

environment bag

a floral handbag contains an inner bag of garden compost and seaweed referencing organic processes we rely on to uphold human survival

High points 1.jpg

high points

mindfully walkng the lochans, peat bogs and low hills of the Isle of North Uist

north light

a sojourn with the Dunbar's Skiff Rowing Team reveals the extraordinary ability of humans to function as machine


planting is drawing

the land is drawn by agri and aboricultural practices

nature of a finding

simplified columnar trunks are embellished with intricate minutiae brought into visibility by the light that steals into this densely planted forest